wrong and screwy contact names

Resolving Wrong and Screwy Contact Names. How To Get Down and Personal

Audience engagement through highly personalised marketing is where things are at, these days. And yet, we continually disengage our audience by failing at the most fundamental of things – getting their name right. People are pretty precious about their names and getting them right is the #1 statement you can make that you really care. Get that wrong and you might as well forget it.

How Do You Feel If Your Name Is Wrong?

It’s probably happened to you: the incorrect formatting of your name in an email, which you promptly delete. Here’s a real-life example – DAVE has a particularly favourite minion called Laurence Harrould, whose middle initial is “V”. Laurence regularly receives emails greeting him as “Hi Laurence V”. Laurence doesn’t feel very kindly disposed towards the sender as they can’t be bothered to get his name right or check their data. Why would he want to do business with a slap-dash organisation like that? Laurence’s trash can is getting pretty full…

Let Dave Fix Your Incorrect and Screwy Contacts

The solution is easy: DAVE can spot a screwy contact name from miles away and promptly fixes them up for you, according to your preferred standards.

DAVE can identify this type of thing and can save you from committing the cardinal sin of getting a person’s name wrong. DAVE’s clever. DAVE can do a lot of data things.

wrong contact names