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Marketing List Data Duplicates galore! How to prevent Audience Fatigue

Audience fatigue is at an all-time high. And duplicate data is one of the root cuases!

Communication by email is a pretty broken channel because we marketers have so badly abused it via the unreliable marketing data that we house in our CRM’s and marketing automation systems.

Much of your business might stem from the email contacts you acquire. Among your hard-earned list of business contacts, however, might be a host of variations of the same contact names and the same company names. Duplicate data is a business killer!

As an example, you may have the same contact listed multiple times, simply because they have different email addresses or are listed under different versions of the company name. Another scenario might have you sending the same information to the same person twice, because they have email accounts at two different companies. Even though an email hasn’t bounced it doesn’t mean they are still at the company…

Can you imagine how this looks to the client? Ask yourself how you would feel receiving duplicate messages?

It happens all the time and the end result is ‘email fatigue’. A number of email addresses that ‘look’ like they are going to different people are, in fact, all going to the same person. The recipient gets understandably fed up with what they may see as ‘spam’ and unsubscribes.

The solution? Simple. By getting DAVE to check your sales and marketing lists and de-duplicate the data variations of the contact names and the company names. He will flag all the possible data duplicates for you, the whole situation can be avoided through a simple clean-up….couresty of Dave our Data Cleaning Robot!