inconsistent data

Have you ever wondered why you aren’t getting the returns you were expecting from a marketing campaign and questioned if your targeting criteria were wrong? “Did I get the company size right?”, “Did I choose the right industries?”, I hear you say.

Could It Be Inconsistent Data?

Your carefully thought-out targeting was likely perfect. The problem was that your data isn’t. If you were able to look across all of the contacts in a company, at a single glance, you would likely see that there are significant inconsistencies in the choice of industry, number of employees and revenue. All of this severely impacts your targeting.

How does this happen?

Inconsistency In Your Data Formats

The prime cause is within the architecture of the very tool that you are using to prevent this problem. In order to provide you with the very best flexibility around the recording of Suspect (or Lead) data, many CRMs will allow you to forgo the creation of a master account record. That is, until such time as that organisation becomes a sales opportunity or client. The intended benefit is for the users to experience fewer data entry constraints and for the investment of the time needed to properly research the Account, to be delayed.

Whilst all of this seems quite helpful; the big flaw is that there is no constraint on how you record company profile information on each of the individual contact records. This is where the dreadful inconsistencies creep in. It’s all good fun until a Marketing Manager tries to use the very same data to target their latest campaign…

The impacts are manyfold. Irrelevant organisations and contacts get dragged into the campaign whilst good targets get left out.

Your Marketing manager doesn’t get the reach expected and the horrible syndrome of “mass audience fatigue” continues to perpetuate. The plan to have every person who matters in an organisation talking about you just doesn’t happen.

Let Dave Fix Your Inconsistent Data

To fix this issue, DAVE first ensures that all of the contacts in the same company are recognised under the same company name. DAVE then associates that organisation from within his central knowledge base and proceeds to regularises all of the firmographics, such as; employee count, revenue and industry across all of the contacts.

In that way, no contact gets missed and no organisation left out or wrongly included. In the event that DAVE has no prior knowledge of the organisation, he brings it to your attention for future research. That DAVE, he’s a wizard with the regularisin’.