Meet DAVE the Data Cleansing Robot.

Managed Data Means


Get your data fit for purpose by local experts and win the marketing race!

  • Data porting to new platforms
  • Dirty Data Cleaning
  • Eradication of Data Duplication
  • Data Quality Improvement = Increased ROI

How Data Cleaning Works

data wrangling

Data Validation and Mapping

cleanse data

Personalised Data Cleaning Bootcamp

data de-duplication

Regular Circuit Sessions

What Data Quality Issues Can DAVE Fix?

  • Homes in on any data deficiencies
  • Drives higher levels of targeted, personalised marketing
  • Delivers you far greater marketing returns
  • At Less Marketing Cost – data driven ROI

Data Fitness Try-Out

Have you got a small set that needs data cleansing, or just want to try DAVE out with up to 5,000 contacts?

Give us your data for a short while and we will return it, looking better than ever.

Why “Data Cleanse” DAVE is the answer?

Repeatable process: are you creating one? Without that, you are “back to square one” every time you clean-up your data

Lowest cost: is your data being cleaned at the lowest cost possible? Doing it in-house looks attractive, but you are often using staff who would normally have other responsibilities, each of which has a cost.

Data security: how secure is your data whilst it is being cleaned? Many organisations prefer that their data stays on-shore. Do you have that option?

Expert professional services: is your data cleaning process being executed by experts who can steer you in the right direction and ensure you get the best result? There’s a lot to be said for having an expert looking after you who makes the whole process entirely low-maintenance

Fast turnaround: Marketing moves fast and events can quickly overtake a data clean-up. How quick is the process you have chosen?

Corporate personalisation: every organisation needs to use its data in a way that will give them a competitive marketing edge. Does your process allow you to have your data just way you need it?

Local knowledge: are you utilising local knowledge to get your data cleaned? Without it, your data integrity is at risk and you may be in for a few nasty surprises

Data extension and enrichment: does your process allow for more than just cleaning up the data? Are you able to use a reliable source to enrich and extend your data?

Ready To Get Data Clean? Find Out More…

If you’re ready for your data to be marketing fit, sporting some extra muscle and fully compliant with your data policy, contact us and let us make your data deliver.