Data Fitness Try-Out

Is this the best option for me? If you have a marketing list of less than 5,000 contacts or you would simply like to try DAVE out on a similar sized sample of your list, then this is the best option for you.

If you have a bigger list and feel ready to go “All-in”, then let’s show you How It Works.

Why would I need this service?

Does it annoy you when you receive marketing communications where you are incorrectly addressed or are irrelevant? Do you instantly file them in Trash Can?

If this annoys you, why would you do the same to your customers and prospects?

The root of the problem lays in your marketing data. Namely, your dirty marketing data

Some of the deficiencies that you might see in your data are:

  • You have multiple instances of the same person
  • Company names are inconsistent and so you think you have many more organisations than actually have
  • Emails with invalid formats
  • Gaps in your address data

DAVE strives to help you to add a human quality to your marketing data so that people feel they are being communicated to by another person and not an automated process. It feels good to be treated like a human.

What does the Data Fitness Try-Out service cover?

DAVE looks at eight key aspects of your data and either fixes them or flags them as a potential problem for you to further investigate To better understand the Causes, Impacts and Outcomes of these deficiencies, we invite you to explore the links below

What does this service cost?

$999 (inc GST) for up to 5,000 records

I’m ready to try it!