Your data is stealing your sales!
Learn how to grab 12% back

Essential Online Briefing for all Australian Businesses
30th November, 11 to 11.45 plus Q&A

It is a little known fact that dirty data can impact your sales by up to 12%!

Your data is the life-blood of your business, yet 65% of organisations do almost nothing about dirty data…

The impacts of the quality of your data pervade the whole of your business from stealing up to 12% of your sales revenue per year, to wasting up to 50% of your time and marketing budget when working with it.

This briefing will help you get your Contact Data into the best shape for the coming year by:-

♦    Understanding how your data steals your sales by up to 12%
♦    How you can get that 12% back
♦    And, at the same time, reduce your sales and marketing overheads!

For anyone who owns a business, is in Sales & Marketing or data management, this is a must attend session.

*** Be in line for a special attendance-prize of a free Data Fitness Assessment plus Data Makeover valued at $999*

Join the CEO of Marketing Data Fitness and the CEO of PowerfulPoints for an informative session on how this is happening and what you can do about it.

Price: FREE but the value is priceless

Main Presentation (11am – 11.45 am)
Presented by Andy Kyiet – CEO Marketing Data Fitness

Topics include:

♦    The events that have led to our data going feral!
♦    How this impacts your business
♦    Lee Featherby, CEO – PowerfulPoints – the signs that tell you your data is out of control
♦    A close look at some typical data delinquency issues
How to stop your data stealing your sales
♦    Where to from here? Making a plan to get your sales back

Attendance prize draw: Data Fitness Assessment plus Data Makeover valued at $999*

Questions and Answers (11.45am – 12.00pm)

* The free Data Fitness Assessment plus Data Makeover for up to 10,000 records will be drawn from registrations and the winner must be in attendance when announced at the end of the event.