I’m an Accountant - how is data fitness relevant to me (or any of my clients)?

Great question! Well maintained Contact data not only lubricates the operation of a business, but, as an asset, comes into play in many other scenarios.

Mergers, Acquisitions, Exit Strategy, Company Sale

When a company changes hands, the quality of the contact data asset can have a significant bearing on the value of company. This affects both Buyer and Seller. As a Seller, you want to get your multiple up as much as possible and, as a Buyer, you want to do the necessary due diligence on the data that you are getting, as to ensure it’s of the quality you expect.

To support this, we provide a Data Due Diligence service, which includes a Data Valuation.

Data Due Diligence and Valuation Service

This service is geared to helping both business Buyers and Sellers to establish the quality, fitness and value of the existing Contact data. It’s a little like buying a house – you would rarely consider doing so without having a structural survey done, the outcome of which, influences both the price offered and willingness to proceed. Like a Surveyor, Marketing Data Fitness surveys and assesses the Contact data in question and provides a full report, which covers the following:
  • Data Composition: in terms of unique companies and contacts
  • Data Health: in terms of the presence of key segmentation criteria, such as; Industry, Company Size, Personas
  • Data Accuracy: a projection of the likely level of redundancy in the data
  • Data Reach: the estimated percentage of the market covered with the remaining active data
  • Existing Data Value: what it would cost to acquire or replace the same set of data from fresh
  • Data Renovation Cost: what it would cost to fully renovate and enrich the existing data to make it fit for purpose, including filling Key Persona gaps
  • Data Extension Cost: what it would cost to extend the data as to increase reach into the market